Trading Hours: Tues, Thurs, Fri
Open from 7am; Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Nick & Sue’s Gourmet Deli​


Shop 17 & 19
519 – 525 Riversdale Rd Camberwell 3124
Phone: 9882 8795

UPDATE: Our opening hours are changing slightly, open at 7am and closing at 3pm and we are also now offering free delivery within 5km of Camberwell to serve our valued customers needs.

Ring us on 9882 8795 with your orders on TUES, THURS, FRI and SAT and we’ll arrange delivery to your door.



When you think of a deli, what do you see? You might have a flashing image of cheese in your mind, followed by delicious salami’s, olives and home-cooked meals. Or you might think about your previous experiences going to deli’s, the market, fresh food.

At Nick and Sue’s Deli, it’s more than just the fine delicacies they sell, more than the market and more than a business.

To them, it’s about the most important thing: family.

The new owners, Harry and Maria, as the leaders of this family business aim to provide the freshest and finest quality foods and delicacies for their local community; Camberwell.

The chefs at Nick and Sue’s cook all their meals daily, using tried and perfected recipes with over twenty-year’s experience. They know that their customers of their local community lead busy lifestyles, which they help by providing ready meals for you and your families.

For those who love entertaining, Nick and Sue’s hold the building blocks for the perfect platter to impress all their customers and their guests. Their range of cheeses, from bries to cheddars, Swiss and blues, soft and hard; are all tailored to suit every taste and budget. To compliment the delicious cheese, they have a wide range of accompaniments, such as hot and mild salami’s, a massive range of olives (their famous prima-vera’s and grilled olives marinated on-site), artichokes, peppers, pate’s, dips and much more.

All breads and pastries are carefully selected from the best quality bakeries in Melbourne.

All these delicacies and pre-cooked meals will be served to you with a smile and friendly, experienced service staff. The owners Harry and Maria take great joy in meeting every customer, new or regular and getting to know them. The staff know their products and are happy to help with organising dinner or the perfect platter for you and your friends.

At Nick and Sue’s Gourmet Deli, they support the community and its families as they are a family business of the community. They provide the best delicacies and meals for all to enjoy, served to you with a smile.