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Open from 7am; Saturday: 7am - 5pm



Shop 16
519 – 525 Riversdale Rd Camberwell 3124
Phone: 9882 4467


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7am – 5pm
Saturday: 7am – 4pm



We are here to support our loyal customers, if you are elderly, in a high risk category or self isolating please contact us on 9882 4467 prior to midday on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to arrange home delivery. Alternatively ring us to place an order ready for pick up to reduce your shopping time.


At Kingfisher, we have a large variety of whole fish, all purchased on a daily basis. Our variety includes Snapper, Golden Bream, Flathead, Rock Flathead, Calamari, King George Whiting, Barramundi, Rainbow Trout, Garfish, Ocean Trout, Red Mullet, Flounder, Atlantic Salmon, Red Emperor, Whitebait and Silver Whiting.
The staff at Kingfisher will be only too glad to process your whole fish any way you please. Some examples of how we will further enhance and customise your seafood experience (free of charge) to meet your personal needs are:

Cleaning whole fish (gutting and scaling)
Cleaning Calamari with the option of cutting it into rings
Removing the head of whole fish
Scoring whole fish destined for the oven or weber
Filleting any whole fish as desired
Trimming fins, spine and tail as desired

Kingfisher’s real specialty is our fillets. All fillets are filleted on a demand-basis and most are boneless and skinless. In most cases the staff will be happy to remove unwanted bones and skin (where feasible) and can always help with cooking tips and selection of fillets suitable for babies/children.