Trading Hours: Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday 7 am - 5 pm. Sunday 10 am - 3 pm (select traders).

Demonstration Kitchen Trader Information

Booking Procedure and User’s Manual

The Camberwell Market Portable Demonstration Kitchen is available for traders to hire, free of charge (as long as it is returned to us in an immaculate condition). It can be used for tastings, cooking demonstrations and more.  If appropriate, you can book on behalf of your suppliers if they wish to do a product push.


Businesses that use the kitchen need to ensure they have the necessary food-handling documentation in place.


All demonstrators MUST wear gloves.


Booking system

Please book the kitchen here by 7 am the Thursday prior to your demonstration (this system will only be viewed on Thursdays).



There are three portable modules for the kitchen:

  1. Oven and benchtop module
  2. Stovetop and benchtop module
  3. Handwash sink and mini fridge module


At this stage, the Kitchen will remain where it is.  

Ultimately we hope to get to a point where we can relocate it to individual tenancies but need to iron out any issues prior to this happening.



Please do NOT wash dishes in the handwash sink. Please take back to your respective tenancies for dishwashing.



The kitchen requires power.  There is power at its current location. 

Please ensure all electrical cables are taped down, or not in the public domain to ensure no risk or trip hazards.



Safety Equipment:

The Market has provided a Fire Blanket and a Fire Extinguisher for your use.


Cooking Equipment:

Please BYO equipment for cooking demonstrations.




The oven is a basic oven and easy to use.  Once the power is on, please use dials to select temperature setting and cooking setting.


The stovetop is run on a gas cylinder.

Please turn the gas ON at the cylinder prior to use.

Please turn the gas OFF upon completion of your booking.

If the gas bottle is running low, please let us know ASAP.

Hand Wash Sink Unit:

This sink is for hand was only.

We will ensure that the water tank will be full prior to your use, and the waste water tank will be emptied upon completion.


Please provide your own cleaning gear and ensure that the following is done at the end of each booking:

Cleaning checklist (we will provide a printed version of this for you to return, completed):


The sink has been wiped down and any food scraps or dirt has been removed. 
All benchtops have been wiped down and are free of dirt or food 
The cupboards are clean and wiped down 
Bin is emptied 
All oven trays are cleaned, and the inside door of the oven and interior of oven have been cleaned of any spills or splashes 
The stovetop is cleaned down using a crème cleanser and a gentle cloth. 
Please ensure GAS and POWER are turned off at the mains