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What’s in Season: Winter Seafood at Camberwell Fresh Food Market

What’s in Season: Winter Seafood at Camberwell Fresh Food Market

Winter brings a bounty of fresh, seasonal seafood to the Camberwell Fresh Food Market, with Kingfisher Seafoods and Camberwell Market Seafood offering the freshest catches. Here’s what’s in season and ready for your culinary creations:

Oysters: Fresh, briny oysters are a winter delight. Enjoy them raw with lemon, grilled with garlic butter, or baked into a rich oyster mornay.

Flathead: Versatile and delicate, flathead is perfect for pan-frying or making into tasty fish tacos.

Scallops: Sweet and tender, scallops are ideal for searing. Pair them with a citrus salsa or a creamy lemon butter sauce for a gourmet touch.

Mussels: Rich in flavour, mussels are great for winter dishes like moules marinières or seafood paella.

Prawns: These versatile favourites can be grilled, added to salads, or incorporated into hearty pastas.

Gummy Shark: Sustainable and delicious, gummy shark is perfect for making classic fish and chips.

Visit us at Camberwell Fresh Food Market to explore these seasonal seafood delights. Bring home the freshest catches and enjoy the taste of the ocean this winter. Stay tuned for more tips, recipes, and market updates!