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10 Grazing Platter Stars to Elevate Your Spring Entertaining

Spring has arrived, bringing along a season of social gatherings and outdoor events after the winter hibernation. Think Spring Racing Carnival, sun-soaked picnics, leisurely long lunches, and those much-anticipated catchups with friends and family.

When it comes to hosting these gatherings, there’s no better way to do it than with a classic grazing platter. However, grazing platters have come a long way from the days of basic cheddar, Ritz crackers, and maybe a spring onion dip (not that we’re judging!). We’re now in an era where these platters are becoming increasingly intricate and thoughtfully composed. Plus, we’re fortunate to have access to an incredible variety of ingredients in our very own Market.

So, here are our top 10 recommendations for enhancing your grazing platter, guaranteed to impress your guests!

  1. D’affinois Cheese: Creamy and mild, D’affinois cheese has a rich, buttery flavour with subtle hints of mushroom and cream. It’s soft and slightly tangy.
  2. Honeycomb: Honeycomb has a pure and natural sweetness, with floral and fruity undertones. It often has a chewy, waxy texture.
  3. Salted Pistachios: Salted pistachios are savoury with a hint of nuttiness. The salt enhances their natural nutty flavour, making them both salty and satisfying.
  4. Marinated Olives: Marinated olives have a savoury, briny taste with various flavour accents depending on the marinade. They can be salty, sometimes slightly bitter, and may have hints of herbs, garlic, or citrus.
  5. Dried Apricots: Dried apricots offer a concentrated fruity flavour that’s sweet and slightly tangy. They can have a chewy texture and a subtle apricot aroma.
  6. Thinly Sliced Prosciutto: Prosciutto is a dry-cured Italian ham with a delicate, salty, and savoury flavour. It’s often described as slightly sweet and has a melt-in-your-mouth quality.
  7. Pretzels: Crunchy and salty with a simple, bready taste.
  8. Smoked Salmon: Smoked salmon is known for its smokey, salty, and slightly fishy taste. It’s often balanced with a buttery and sometimes even slightly sweet undertone.
  9. Strawberries (Green tops removed and halved): Strawberries are sweet, juicy, and refreshing with a bright, fruity flavour. Removing the green tops enhances their sweetness AND keeps waste away.
  10. Fresh Crusty Bread or Lavosh: The perfect vessels for enjoying ALL of the above.

These are our top 10, and include a diverse range of flavours, making them perfect for creating a balanced and appealing grazing platter.

What are yours?