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Fast 5 with…Harry from Nick & Sue’s Deli

Meet Harry and Maria, the friendly faces behind Nick and Sue’s Gourmet Deli, where they’ve been serving the market for 5 years now! We spent five minutes chatting with Harry about all things Market and Deli related!

  1. How long have you been at the Market? 5 years!
  2. Did you know? My background is in the petrol industry, where I worked for 25 years. At one point, I owned three Petrol Stations.
  3. Favourite Market memory: A regular customer surprises us once a month with his incredible opera singing outside our shop. It’s a delightful experience as everyone gathers to watch and applaud.
  4. Most sought-after products: Our house-made porchetta, infused with 8 secret herbs and spices, and the delightful home-made dolmades, lovingly prepared by my Mum!
  5. Food hack: My top tip is to always use a timer and double-check it’s on. I learned this the hard way with a recent roast beef incident, resulting in it being more ‘well done’ than medium rare!
  6. Favourite thing to cook: Greens! Being a deli, we don’t handle fresh greens a lot in the shop, but when I’m at home, I love preparing steamed silver beet with a touch of lemon and extra virgin olive oil.
  7. Go-to dish when eating out: My ultimate choice is a juicy Porterhouse steak, cooked to perfection medium rare. A side of chips and veggies completes the satisfying meal.
  8. What you love about Camberwell Fresh Food Market: What I love most about being part of the Market is the close-knit community where everyone knows each other, creating a warm and welcoming environment. We’re small, and not overwhelming, which is good for customers too.
  9. Advice for small businesses: I swear by two essential pieces of advice I’ve received – first, your business is only as good as your staff, and second, regularly check your display and shop front from your customers’ perspective to ensure everything looks impeccable, at all times.

Make sure you visit Nick and Sue’s Gourmet Deli to experience their delicious offerings and enjoy the warm atmosphere of this charming market spot!