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Fast 5 with…Freddie from Sushi by Yo Yo Sushi

1. How long have you been at the Market?

I have been at the Market, as the owner of Sushi by Yo Yo Sushi, for four months!.

2. What’s something your customers may not know about you?

I did my chef’s apprenticeship at Italy 1, on Burke Road.

I also used to work here at Sushi by Yo Yo Sushi, between 2007 and 2019! I then left and ran my own Chinese takeaway in Clayton, before purchasing this business in February 2023.

3. Do you have a favourite Market memory?

Recently, for Luna New Year, the Market organised a Lion Dance performance to celebrate.  This was the first time I’ve seen it at the Market, and it was great.  Celebrating multiculturism is important and the Asian influence in the area has increased over the last 15 years.

Previously you needed to go into China Town, Glen Waverley or Box Hill to experience this; a lot of our customers loved it!

4. What’s the most common thing customers ask you for?

Our cooked tuna and raw salmon hand rolls are our most popular items.  There’s also been an increasing trend in customers asking for spicy options, so I’ve tweaked our spicy chicken hand roll and added a little more spicy sauce.  It’s really popular now.

5. What’s your favourite food hack or tip you can share?

I love grilling thin steaks for my daughter.  I let the pan get super-hot before putting the steak on for 45 seconds, flipping it over for another 45 seconds and then letting it rest for around a minute. I then finish it off with a little soy sauce and olive oil. She loves it.

6. What do you love cooking the most?

I love cooking at home when I have time.  Stir-fried rice is one of my favourites.

7. When you go to a restaurant, what’s your favourite thing to order?

Even though I own a Sushi shop, I still love going out and eating Japanese.

When I order, I love the combination of fresh, cold sashimi served alongside a nice warm sake in the winter. The different sensations are great.

9. What do you love most about being part of the Market?

I love that the Market has put cooling in! 10 years ago, if it was a hot day we’d have no customers and it was very hot.  Now it’s a lot more comfortable for us AND the customers. I love that!