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Our Top 5 Market Valentine’s Day Finds

Baked Brie

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, we thought we’d give you our top 5  Valentine’s Day Market finds for you to enjoy with your loved one or solo (no sharing required!).


The symbol of Valentine’s Day. The red rose.  But seriously; it’s a symbol for a reason.  Tell us a more obvious way to announce your love other than with a long stem red rose.

Or if roses aren’t really what you’re going for, a bunch of any fresh-cut flowers is still likely to steal your loved one’s heart.

Available from Camberwell Market Florist; Buy in-store, or order online.


Freshly shucked oysters? Yes, please.  Keep them simple with a squeeze of lemon and a homemade vinaigrette and perhaps with a freshly opened bottle of your favourite bubbles.   Lovely!

Available from Kingfisher Seafoods or Camberwell Market Seafoods.

Rib Eye Steak

This one’s for meat lovers.  You’ll find a tasty selection of large, juicy rib-eye steaks at the counter of Commercial Butchers, and they’re just the perfect size to share.   Cook them over charcoal to really lift the flavour.

Available from Commercial Butcher.

Baked Brie

Is there anything more romantic than huddling side-by-side with your loved one, decadently scooping up deliciously gooey melted Brie, with a crispy lavosh?  We think not.

Simply unwrap your favourite wheel of Brie and place it in a small oven-proof dish and bake in the oven until it is beginning to melt.  Remove and top with your favourite mixture; we like a combination of dried cherries and walnuts with a drizzle of honey.

Available from Nick and Sue’s Deli (recommendation: Will Studd Brillat Savarin)and Camberwell Market Deli (recommendation: Adelaide Hills Brie).


But let’s veer away from the traditional box of Ferrero Rocher and put a bit of thought into seemingly simple concept of chocolate.   Why not try packaging up all of your partner’s favourites together?  We’re thinking of a selection of milk chocolate liquorice bullets, white chocolate raspberry jellies, scorched chocolate almonds and chocolate-coated honeycomb.  Perfection.

Available from Sweeties Fruit and Nuts.




Moo Moos

Ok, this is for the select few whose idea of the perfect Valentine’s Date is relaxing on the couch with your faithful furry pal.  They’re devoted, faithful and uncomplicated. We get it!  So why not treat them to a tasty pack of Moo Moo; freeze-dried Australian beef and Gojiberry treats? This treat is literally a superfood in a pack, plus your pooch is going to love you for it.

Available from Bugsy’s Pet Shop.