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Christmas Leftovers

Christmas leftovers

Christmas leftovers. Every year we have them. Every year we eat them.  And every year we (and we hate to admit it), get a little bit sick and tired of them.

That stops today! Here are our top 5 ways to use your Christmas leftovers to ensure ZERO waste, and of course, a happy palate.

Christmas Pie

This is a simple one; chop up your leftover roast vegies, and pieces of roast meat, or ham.  Mix with your leftover gravy. Pop in an oven-proof dish, cover with whatever frozen savoury pastry you have in your freezer and pop in the oven until the filling is hot, and the pastry is cooked.

Christmas Toastie

Place all your favourite leftover ingredients between two slabs of bread (nicely smothered in mayonnaise on the outside to create that perfect golden crunch), and toast until crispy. Our favourite combination includes turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, with whatever cheese we have in the fridge.

Christmas Turkey or Ham Hash

Simply fry up your leftovers with some chopped-up garlic and a pinch of smoked paprika.  Put in an oven-proof dish, scatter over some of your favourite herbs, we quite like rosemary and sage, and then bake until golden and crispy; about 15 minutes.

Christmas Bubble and Squeak

Leftover roast potatoes are an essential ingredient in this old-school, yet delicious, dish.   Simply mash up the roasted potatoes, and combine them with chopped-up leftover veggies, and Christmas meat.  Heat up a non-stick fry pan, and add mixture using a spatula to push the mixture into a nice thick potato pancake.  Cover with a lid and cook medium to low before serving.

Christmas Carbonara

Leftover ham?  Perfect in a homemade carbonara. Simple, tasty, delicious.