Camberwell Fresh Food Market

Summer is gone now and Autumn has started to make its presence felt at Camberwell Fresh Food Market.

At Camberwell Fresh Food Market, Autumn is a great time for you to find a new flavour for the table every time you visit with many tastes and aromas from cosmopolitan origins. It's also time to celebrate Easter, and our traders have some fantastic buys for you this Easter including fresh fish and seafood, fruit and veg, nuts, cakes, flowers and more!

Autumn @ CFFM


Camberwell Fresh Food Market is the Centre where you'll find organic fruit and veg, an extensive range of fresh fish, meat and poultry, and the most beautiful flowers. Camberwell Fresh Food Market has many gourmet products that cannot be sourced elsewhere, great delis, cafes, cakes, as well as shoe repairs.

So what are you waiting for? Come and shop at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market today and feel the difference. Market open from 7am every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Camberwell Fresh Food Market... it's fresh and more.


Camberwell Fresh Food Market